Building Code 
Description1400 - Social Science
NotesAll Rooms in 1400 Bldg. have a full extron system with built in speakers and microphone capability. Just need to ask for the mic. For the speakers, there is a cable in the laptop cubby that has a cable for audio out on the laptop. It’s a 3.5mm male end cable. ====================================================================== Room 1440 - The room has two wireless ports, the only other port live in the room is the Demo station. The microphone for that room is wired, if you wish to use wireless you will need to have your customer supply it, the mic plugs into a standard XLR jack. per Bob Morison 8-19-09 ========== 14 classrooms, 1 social science lab, 1 reading lab 50 faculty offices social science division office the 14 classrooms are general use classrooms