Building Code 
Description200 - College Center
NotesCollege Center 200 Building conference rooms all set up for wireless, except 221. Room 224 has a built-in mic in the podium. Rooms can have phone jacks activated, as needed. ACT will only provide the portable sound system with 2 or more rooms in the conference center (224/226, 224/6/8), 226/228), otherwise, no mic is needed or provided. 1 laptop, 1 LCD projector, and 1 set of laptop speakers, is available for each of the 5 conference rooms (224, 226, 227, 228. 229). A Request must be made via the master calendar reservation submission. One port in 221, wireless only in dining hall. Ethernet jacks: Room # Jack # Room 224 D-2-132 Room 226 111 Room 227 123 Room 228 110 Room 229 122 3-19-12, per Long Tran. There is a cushion for all 200 bldg. conference rooms as follows: 224-1 hour 224-226- 1/ ½ hours 224-226-228 - 2 hours 226, 227, 228, and 229 on an individual basis- ½ hour
Room Code228
Description228 - Conference Room - No Tables- Chairs Only
Room TypeConference Room
Setup Hours0.50
Teardown Hours0.50
NotesThis room does not have any tables. Theatre style only with 68 chairs, all facing north (toward LLRC)
Setup Types and Capacities
Setup TypeMin CapacityMax Capacity
As Is068
Diagram attached068
Diagram to be submitted068
No Preference068
See Comments for Setup068
Square Style Setup068
Theatre Style-all chairs068
No Features Defined